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Welcome to...
      Beneath the Surface

...supporting those with facial difference

Beneath the Surface (BTS) was created with the purpose to build a network of understanding and support for those of you…the unsung heroes who have dealt with one of the least discussed and least explored topics of the day ... facial difference.

Whether your appearance has been altered due to birth defect, facial cancer, burns or accident, this site is your forum, your sanctuary, your opportunity to share your personal challenges and triumphs that lie ... beneath the surface.

For those of you who step out into your communities each and every day -- you are the proud pioneers, educators, and equalizers.

  • Pioneers for forging on with your lives in spite of your facial difference.
  • Educators because your positive presence teaches others to accept and respect you without sympathy, as you pave a path of understanding for those that follow.
  • Equalizers because you help others appreciate their faces as they are and balance their lives by allowing them to never take for granted the unique gift that is their own…their face.
Please share your pioneer spirit and/or your day-in day-out struggles with our visitors. It is your participation that will help enhance this site. I encourage you to write me: Share your story. I will post your correspondence to the site if you choose. If you would prefer to keep your comments private then just let me know. And, if you would like for me to edit your email for posting, then please let me know that as well and I will review the edited version with you before adding it to Reflections of You.

All of your comments, questions & feedback are welcome here at BTS.

Mission Statement
Beneath the Surface
provides an open forum for those with facial difference, cancer, and for cancer survivors. Offering resources and support to ensure all sustain an inspired emotional outlook on life and genuine appreciation for their unique divine difference.